golden nuggets

Breakfast of Champions

Or at least winners.  And at a very minimum, the breakfast of really pleasant people.

So I used to eat a lot of cereal.

Yep.  The processed, expensive stuff that comes in 50 flavored and colors.

With milk.

Even switched to lactose free milk to ease my discomfort. If you know what I mean.

Around that time my toddler daughter was having trouble with constipation and unexplained rashes.  So from my years of seeing all kinds of allergic reactions, I thought it might be a reaction to something that we were eating. And probably to something that we were eating regularly.  She really likes cheese and ice cream and milk.  So that’s what I started with.

Elimination diet and no dairy products for 2 weeks.  So as not to complicate things, I did it for everyone in the household.  No milk. No butter.  No dairy on the ingredients list in anything that we were eating.  No restaurants, no ice cream, no yogurt.  It was tough to plan a menu without those things.  It was crazy to see how much of our diet included something based on cow’s milk.

And this is for a household that had already had a child with food allergies and so I thought we were eating very little dairy be use my son had been diagnosed with a dairy allergy for 8 or 9 years already.

But at dinner, we would have lean meat, a carb like rice or potatoes and a vegetable.  The I might add a side of macaroni and cheese or make some plain potatoes for my son and some cheesy aggravating potatoes for the rest of us.  So we were still getting lots of dairy products every day.

So it’s really interesting what I found.

I felt better.  My husband felt better.  My daughter felt better.  We missed the foods but we felt better.

My husband had been having violent vomiting reactions every weekend for months maybe even a year.  And migraines and just a lot of complaints on the weekend.  But then he was fine during the week.  I thought it was just his way of getting out of church…

But when we didn’t have cereal for breakfast with milk, he felt fine.  This meant more cooking for me on Saturday morning but that was the first thought that he had that it might be something he was eating.  Long story short, when he caved and ate his traditional breakfast, he was sick. When we switched to something else, he was fine.  Hmmm.

I felt better.  No more snot.  I have suffered from nose trouble almost all my life.  So much so that I even developed special muscles in a way that allows me to wiggle my nose in a way that most people can’t… No more itching skin.  At least reduced by 90%. And the rashes that I have had on my arms, behind my knees, and on my hands started to heal and clear up. No new medication. No steroid shot.

And my daughter.  She was pooping again and her rash healed up in just. A few days.

It turns out that everyone in our house benefitted from this elimination diet.

So now when we have something going on related to novels, skin or itching or mucus, I always check what we’ve been eating.  Just to see if something could have crept back in or to see if we might need to eliminate something new.

I can’t explain it other than to say, when we “treat” yourself to some of these foods, we feel like crap.  I get snotty and itchy.  Not sexy.

My husband gets migraines and pukes like the Exorcist.  Not sexy.

My daughter gets constipated. She’s a kid so sexy isn’t a consideration but she is miserable and we have to do a lot of stuff to get things rolling again.

We now have almost every other kind of milk in the fridge including soy, almost, rice, and coconut milk.  The coconut milk ice cream is luscious by the way if you’re looking for a treat without some serious side effects.

So for us, an elimination diet experiment is the first experiment that I run before running to the doctor or looking for an over the counter medication.  Sometimes it’s not about adding something.  It’s about taking away something.  And removing that things makes everything better.

golden nuggets

And then I read a book about the rampant genetic modification of wheat in a book called Wheat Belly by William Davis

And you can probably guess what came (or went away) next…