solid gold tips

Welcome to the

It is a little play on words – carrots and carats….More on that soon.

Do you value your health?

Maybe you’ve had a setback in the last few years that you’re desperately trying to recover from.

Maybe you’re like me and raising a family with small kids.  They ate all of the right things readily when it was just you controlling their food supply.

Now as you send them off to school you’ve begun to see their eating habits deteriorate.  Now they only want what is on tv, on commercials, or in their friends lunch box.

The words that every Mom who has worked so hard to get her toddler and preschooler to eat broccoli, carrots, salads, baked chicken, quinoa, and lentils will cringe at hearing, “Mom, what’s a Twinkie?”

The other Moms look at you like you’re from another planet…

I would trade that look for all of the easy trips to the potty that comes from eating veggies and skipping the processed foods.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

 Come back every few days for easy solid gold tips that you can implement into your diet and lifestyle to make some of your daily decisions easier and easier….in fact, make it so that you really don’t have to make a decision.  The decision was made a week ago at the grocery store.  Or the decision was made 2 days ago when you put together the prepackaged meals.

solid gold tips

By the way, you’ll know that I just dropped a solid gold tip when you see the golden egg….

I know it’s super easy to say that but it’s hard to know what kinds of things you need to actually pull off this little tip.  Its such a small thing – pre-packaged meals that you have prepared in a healthy way.  But it can take a little planning and a little help to get it going.  But the results and benefits can be astounding.
As I try to “preserve the sexy” as much as possible, I am finding that each year I have to take it to a new level.

And since I have relapsed over the last couple of years, I’ll be whipping myself into shape and sharing my journey with you as I go.

A lot of the tips that I’ll be sharing with you came about from critical points in my life and my attempts to grab my health back.

From figuring out what was making me itch all my life from eczema to figuring out what triggers some of my pimple outbreaks to figuring out what helps me maintain regularity without medications or stool softeners… (I know it’s yuck, but I really believe that poop is a solid indicator – did I really just say that – of how we are doing with our health.  How easy or difficult it is to maintain regular bowel movements says a lot about the foods we are eating, how well we are hydrating and how much exercise we are getting.)
My kids will tell you that almost every health complaint they share with me starts with me asking about their latest visit to the bathroom….

Back to the welcome…

So many things that I have found are considered fringe treatments but they work for most people.

I think that means that the medical community doesn’t want us to know how simple it is to fix many of the problems that we have with just a few simple changes to our everyday habits.

I haven’t mentioned my medical degree because I don’t have one.  So don’t take my word for it, make sure to consult your physician or medical professional before you implement any of the suggestions that I’ll be sharing on this site.

And I plan on sharing it all.

The good, the bad and the super ugly.

So let’s start with breakfast.  It’s should be healthiest meal of the day and it’s the first meal of the day. And sometimes we even end the day with it…